Lower your cholesterol, in a natural way


Lower your cholesterol,
in a natural way.

Six out of ten adults suffer from high cholesterol levels. This could be due to lifestyle, diet and sometimes hereditary factors. Betavivo helps lower cholesterol in a natural and effective way.

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The Bergasterol is a fruit juice 100% bergamot.

Unique, natural, is made with Ionic citrus of the Province of Reggio Calabria, there are no preservatives or sulfites.
Its lat concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols make it essential for the cholesterol treatment.
The Bergasterol contains natural statins, recommended for those who will not or can not take chemical.
Consult your doctor and inquire about scientific research on bergamot juice, you will find a final solution to cure your cholesterol naturally and effectively.
The Bergasterol is sold in convenient bottles of 200 ml, in packs of 6. With the intake of 50 ml per day, a valuable natural cure to be concluded in 24 days.

The Bergasterol is made from AICAL, Agency for the protection of typical products of Calabria, it guarantees the origin and quality.

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