Dried bergamot juice

Dried bergamot juice
The industrial processing of bergamot has different goals, essence and juice.
From the outset it has been noted through the studies carried out the importance of the processing and marketing of dried bergamot juice which as a component part of juice as such and part of pastazzo. Pastazzo, the citrus albedo represents the true added fly of this citrus.

Laboratory analyzes highlight the high content of flavonoids, this class of substances is particularly required for pharmaceutical-nutritional applications. The latest recent study of dried bergamot juice in May 2017 concerns “AICAL bergamot powders” analyzed by the UNIRC Agrarian Department.

In the AICAL bergamot powders made with natural methods, this characteristic bergamot nutraceutical has been highlighted. The dried bergamot juice in the results is evidenced by the chromatographic profile which highlights the concentration of flavonoids in particular quantities, especially in naringine and neoesperidine.

Bergamotto’s dried juice is produced from November to April, a period of availability for marketing, given the huge demand for the product, not later than May.

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