Bergasterol Bergamot juice: special superfood drink


Bergasterol Bergamot juice: Special superfood drink

Bergamot juice BERGASTEROL can be considered “superfood drink” that’s why!
Bergasterol, bergamot juice from Calabria contains over 350 polyphenols, thanks to the special formula with citrus albedo, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective properties.

It reduces cholesterol and blood sugar.
The medical studies carried out all over the world are in agreement, the bergamot juice of Calabria, Bergasterol can reduce blood sugar and activate some organic antioxidants, while the flavonoids present are also excellent relaxants, soothe the nerves and reduce nervous stress, the insomnia and depression.

Bergasterol Bergamot juice stimulates appetite, liver and pancreatic functions. It is useful in cholecystitis, tachycardia and high blood pressure; it is balsamic in the respiratory tract, locally useful in stomatitis, gingivitis and pharyngitis; it has high antiviral, disinfectant and astringent functions.
High is the content of vitamin C, Bl and B2, P and vitamin A and E in bergamot juice, it is useful in bone disorders due to impaired calcium absorption, reduces teething disorders, collagen diseases, muscle weakness or even neuromuscular hyperexcitability syndrome. Bergasterol helps reduce palpitations and precordial pain, liver congestion.

Bergasterol superfood from the bergamot of Calabria, Italy

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Bergamot juice